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We're helping foreigners
to buy properties in Ukraine

Most of Ukrainian real estate websites are full of not relevant properties, fake advertisements or a lot of properties which will not be interesting for foreigner customers.

We speaks English and provide the best offers for our customers, regardless it is old village house or modern apartment in the capital. 


Best price for value

From cheap village houses to premium apartments. and villas. Only selected properties.

Personal support

We "hear" what our client need, not just propose what is available on the market.

Understanding needs

Everyone deserves to find
best place for living

We do not have an idea that "all foreigners are rich" and they need only exclusive properties. 

We understand the needs of everyone: village houses for summer vacations, small apartments in suburbs, nice properties with high-end interiors. 

We describe points which may be good to know for foreigners, while locals may not pay attention on it. 

Modern properties


Village houses


Our price

We do not charge commissions from the property you choose.
We charge money for the work we did for you, and indeed, it is more beneficial for you.

Our fee is 100 usd per hour of work.

Basic house search require from 2 hours work and more.
It all depends how high or standard requirements you have to the property and how easy or hard to find such property on the market.

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